UMETER – insight into energy consumption

Now that electricity and gas prices are high, and climate change is the order of the day, it is nice to have insight into consumption. And not that monthly email, but insight per hour (or even in real-time).
Some energy suppliers already offer customers an app with which they can gain insight, but not all suppliers do this.

To get a better insight into my consumption, I started looking for an alternative than that email 1x per month. I came across UMETER and have been using it for some time now to get a better insight.

UMETER is completely free of charge and can be used both via an app and via the website, with more extensive data in the web version.

A short overview of the possibilities:

  • Graph showing consumption per hour, day, week, month or year
  • Compare consumption with other users
  • Comparing periods
  • Set your own target consumption
  • You will receive saving tips if desired
  • Insight via smartphone, tablet and computer.
https://umeter. en/

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