Looking for a YouTube alternative? Try Odyssey

Youtube, the largest video platform. For many a location to watch fun videos, listen to music or gain knowledge. For creaters the place to easily show homemade videos to a large audience. But….. it's not just a party.

There are alternatives on the market. One of them is Odyssey. Odysee uses a new technique, LBRY. The technology behind this is not in the hands of 1 large tech company and the technology is open source (at the bottom of this article a short explanation of LBRY). It is therefore not so much about collecting as much user data and advertisers as possible, but rather about offering a nice platform without too much hassle.

Many creators can already be found here and new creators are regularly added. Bored on YouTube, or do you want to have less to do with the big ABC, take a look.

A large part of the content of INCOTECH can also be found on ODYSEE. https://odysee.com/@incotechonline:2

First and foremost, LBRY is a new protocol that allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network. With apps built with the protocol, creators can upload their work to the LBRY network of hosts (like BitTorrent), set or download a price per stream (like iTunes), or give it away for free (like YouTube without ads). The work you publish can be videos, audio files, documents, or any other type of file.

Traditional video sites (or other content) like YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify store your uploads on their servers and let viewers download them. They also allow creators to make some money through advertising or other mechanisms. However, there are some known drawbacks, especially for people whose material is seen as non-advertiser friendly.
Source: https://lbry.com/faq/what-is-lbry

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