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  • UMETER – insight into energy consumption 31 December 2021
    Now that electricity and gas prices are high, and climate change is the order of the day, it is nice to have insight into consumption. And not that monthly email, but insight per hour (or even in real-time). Some energy suppliers already offer customers an app with which they can gain insight, but not ...
  • View client / server data traffic 21 December 2018
    Developing a client-server application, but does something seem to go wrong with sending / receiving data? WireShark or tshark may help you. With these applications you can view the traffic between your client and server. This way you can see what kind of data your client sends / receives or your server receives / sends. This way ...
  • Mytop-top variant for MySQL-based databases 11 November 2018
    With Mytop You can view command-line, per second, the status of your MySQL server. For example, you can View the following: Number of open processes Queries (and their status) Cache status Useful for example, investigating a performance problem.
  • Add a footer to your powerpoint presentation 4 March 2018
    In this video: how do you add a footer under (all) slides within your PowerPoint presentation?
  • A pokemon in Linux 21 August 2016
    Yes, it’s true. There is a pokemon inside linux. How can you find this pokemon: Download woodo from (for example, run wget in a terminal) Unpack the file (for example mkdir sudowoodo && tar xzvf download -C sudowoodo) Make sure that the program gcc is installed (sudo apt-get install gcc) Run the following command inside a terminal: cd sudowoodo ...
  • Reuse a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone – Voip 5 July 2016
    You might even have an old Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. What do you do with it, discard or store anyway? As long as the battery is still reasonable, the device is still usable. In this series, a variety of possibilities will be discussed. VOIP (Voice over IP / Internet Protocol) The phone is to use as a VOIP ...
  • wordpress (4.5) + ubuntu 16 (apache 2.4/php7/mysql), will it work? 22 May 2016
  • Windows 8/10 – Boot options menu 3 April 2016
    Do you want to boot from a USB stick or CD-ROM trough Windows 8/10 ? Or is Windows is not booting/working properly? From the boot options menu, you get several options to repair your Windows installation or to boot from a bootable device.
  • PortableApps – Use a port of your software on every computer/laptop without installation 27 March 2016
    Do you have a central storage location, such as a NAS, home server or Dropbox, and you do not want to install your software on every time on all your computers or have your favorites available on all the computers? PortableApps offers a solution. Although the software is primarily developed to run run from a USB ...