Intel 12th gen homeserver/desktop combo, does this already exist?

Gradually it is time to replace my desktop. Especially the CPU has a hard time with new games and in combination with streaming it is already a disaster. But also my home server is almost six years old. What if…….

What if it were now possible to combine these two things. And I don't mean to install virtualization software within the Windows environment, or to build a second system in 1 cabinet, but more a Virtualization solution that runs a Windows 1x environment for normal use, but differently.

Windows 1x can already be run in a virtual environment and, for example, transfer a GPU directly to this machine. This way it feels like you have your own desktop. But if you "shut this down" and leave the physical machine on for its other virtual machines, it still uses a lot of power.

The question I ask myself (and so far have not been able to answer with a YES) is:
Is there a solution to build a server / desktop combi, which is very economical. In other words, when the device only needs to perform the server tasks, and not serve as a workstation, the performance cores can be turned off, dedicated video card, USB ports, and even expansion cards, such as a capture card, can be made completely voltage-free, to save as much energy as possible. All functionalities that the server does not need (possibly leave a single USB port active for work on the server).

In this way, part of the hardware only needs to be purchased 1 time (e.g. processor and motherboard) and other parts may be slightly heavier (e.g. power supply). This saves money, is better for the environment and takes up less space.

If anyone has the solution, I'd love to hear it

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