Reuse a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone – Voip

You might even have an old Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. What do you do with it, discard or store anyway?
As long as the battery is still reasonable, the device is still usable. In this series, a variety of possibilities will be discussed.

VOIP (Voice over IP / Internet Protocol)

The phone is to use as a VOIP handset. Handy when you are in a business environment, the PBX supporting VOIP and want to reachable through the whole building without extra charges.

What do you need:
* a working Windows Mobile 6.5 phone
* wifi connection
* a PBX or VoIP service
There are a variety of applications available. During our test PortGo was used with a FreePBX VoIP server.



During the test, we called several times with other VOIP client, which worked well. PortGo has an issue.  Usually the sound comes through the hands-free function, so anyone can listen.

Conclusion is to use a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone as a VOIP phone? Yes.


Video: Windows Mobile 6.5 – PortSIP VOIP Client

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