New videos first on and patreon

Now that YouTube  has adjusted their requirements for the YouTube Partner Program, videos  of incotech are first made available on  and on patreon. One or more weeks later, the videos will only appear on YouTube.


Why? The content of incotech is not (yet) suitable for obtaining many subscribers. With  only 11 subscribers and about 500 hours of viewing time, it will take a  long time to meet the new requirements (especially the number of  subscribers).
In recent months, YouTube’s revenues amount to between 3 and 4 euros per month. With this year’s target, this should be at least € 10 per month at the end of the year. Money that is intended to invest in order to keep growing.

Now  the flow of money through YouTube is turned off, it’s time to try  something else and see if this flow is gif a little bit of money.

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