Tips to make your laptop work longer on a battery charge

Dim screen

The backlight of the screen uses current. The lower the brightness, the less power is used.

Lower resolution Use

The higher the resolution of the screen, the more calculations Must be done to control all the pixels on the screen

Programs on the Disable background

There are various programs that embellish in the background. For example, Spotify, Skype,…..
They all consume a little bit of power.

Turn off Bluetooth

Are there any Bluetooth devices connected? Turn off BlueTooth. This keeps the laptop from searching for devices.

Turn off Wi-Fi

Also no internet needed? Disabling WI-Fi can also save a lot of power.

Turn on battery saver

By enabling this feature, Windows ensures That various tasks, such as updates, are not performed.

Screen Close Clap When you walk a few minutes away

Because (almost) all activities stop temporarily, you can take "longer" with the battery charge.

Select Transparency effects from (Windows)

The transparency effects require some extra computing power from your laptop

Another Operating system

Use your Windows, depending on your needs, can be a Small Linux version You also have a lot of extra time  Battery charge.

Quit Programs If You no longer need them and will not start again

Open programs always ask what resources your Laptop.

Use Video site for background music….. Really don't

Even if you don't see them, it takes a relatively high power of your Laptop for playing these videos. Rather, use a music streaming service. Or better, nothing at all.

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