Are VPN services really that safe?

You see them increasingly, advertising for VPN services (not the service the company offer the employer, so you can work in a different location). Good for your privacy, security, etc. But, is that true?

According to me to some extent. Although I have not tried these services yet, I have my doubts. The data between your device and the VPN provider is encrypted, which makes it difficult to eavesdrop your traffic. But:

• this service must already running before the first data is getting sent (for example when logging into Windows with a Microsoft account). Otherwise, data will still be unprotected over the line.
• the data from the servers of the VPN provider to the servers of the website or other service you have queried remains the same. Therefore, if the other party does not have a good security, someone can still eavesdrop between the servers of the VPN vendor and that of the other party. Think of a website you can log into, but it does not use a secure (HTTPS) connection.
• you use this service at home, all your devices have to be use it (also your smart TV, tablet and your e-reader with Wi-Fi) If you want the same “security”. On these devices, you may also log in to various services, but also zachery are exchanged information that is necessary to display content. You would then have to setup such a service at the router level, so that all traffic always runs through the VPN service. But beware, don’t give guests access to your Wi-Fi/network (unless you completely split it again).

In short, to use the Internet safely with this service,…… I doubt it.

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