Mobile phone. An expensive, cheap or something in between?

They are there in all price ranges to find, cell phones (mostly smartphones). From a few ten to thousands of euros. Where to choose for. Do you have to pay a lot for a good device?

Simply, No. You don’t have to spend many hundreds or thousands euros. For functionality that is very new , you usually have to count down quite a bit. But is wireless Charging, camera with better quality, making slowfies or 5G really necessary for you?

Opposite, for a few ten you can sometimes already have a smartphone. But then you usually also get technique which is many years old. Do you want only so occasionally calling or sending a text message, than it is fine. But if you want to do something more, these devices are usually just not it. Just too little storage, working memory and a processor that is just too slow to Mail, to be able to navigate and use WhatsApp without long waiting times. After some says/weeks you just start to doubt about your purchase.

Looked at Android. Around €200/€250 euro you already have a very nice smartphone with quite a lot of storage, working memory and computing power to be able to do your service for several years.

And sometimes after those years not so much the hardware, but especially the software that requires a new device to be purchased. Many Android devices get only a limited period of new updates from Android, allowing new apps on time are no longer working.

For Apple phones, the entry price is higher than for a Android copy. But Apple does give most of the times 5 years of updates to their phones since the day he has come out. Something to think about as buy a second-hand copy to be cheaper.

The big question is and remains, where do I use it for and how much money can I spend?

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