Six months of Ubiquiti in use. The plus points for improvement and attention

Six months ago, Ubiquiti's first piece of hardware was added to the network. An Unifi AP AC Pro (access point). In the meantime, a second instance has been added, a switch and also a Security Gateway (router).

Here are some pluses and points for improvement I've come across so far:


  • Manage everything via central point;
  • Integration of the different products (e.g. vlan creation is needed once and then available on all devices)
  • Built-in IDS/IPS
  • Price
  • Install controller on various systems (including Windows, Linux and various NAS devices)
  • Many possibilities
  • Regular new updates


  • VPN – (no configuration file for users who can load them into a client)
  • Accesspoints in Mesh don't always want to connect with each other when they're started at the same time
  • Controller required


  • Not suitable for enterprise environments. Some features are missing for this

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