Social Blade – goal achieved by 2017?

At the beginning of 2017 a video was published online about socialblade.
In that video an objective is mentioned for the youtube channel of incotech.

The goal for the end of 2017 for youtube was: 6.650.000th Video Ranking / 3.750.000th Social Blade Rank
The starting values were: 7.174.042th VIdeo Ranking / 4.003.871th Social Blade Rank

But what has it become? 8,295,839th Video View Rank / 4,915,639th Social Blade Rank

So the goal has not been achieved. How is this possible?

Less videos have been uploaded in the last two months. Also from a research, which can be seen in the video “Socialblade – Timelap“, statistics at Socialblade fluctuate.

But the incotech channel has grown over the past year with many thousands of extra views per month.

For next year no new objective based on socialblade, but just on views. An average of 6 additional views per week is 312 views per week more than at the start of 2018.

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