Titanium Appcelerator

Creating an app that works on Windows, iOS, and Android? One of the tools for this is Titanium Appcelerator from Axway. With the Titanium framework, you write your code once, then it converts to apps for the different platforms.

In the code you need to take into account that certain parts do not work for a particular platform. This can be solved by writing piece of code specifically for a platform.
A big advantage is that you can use many parts of the device, such as the camera, microphone or the status of the network connection.

If you have any knowledge of. JavaScript, then working with this framework is even easier. In addition, it also uses XML nowadays, to add simple elements, making it even easier/clearer to work with.

Titanium is also available as an Open Source package, but the Axway total package offers various features, such as a proprietary IDE, you can view statistics from the app and they offer services that integrate well with the platform.

The free version offers enough opportunities to create an app. There are several paid subscriptions available. Especially when you create a professional app with multiple users. This gives you access to additional functionalities, better support and app-designer, so you can make the design via a kind of WYSIWYG, instead To program each element itself and to program its location.

Several examples can be found and the following link will help you find information about the many different functions: https://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/public/guides2/Home

Especially to create the Windows App, you need a little patience before the first app can be started (a.o. Visual Studio with the necessary components must be installed).
An Android app you can build on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, a Windows App only on Windows and an iOS app only on, Mac OS.

Soon a video will appear in which a simple app is shown, which A.O. With the INCOTECH video platform API.

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