When should I replace my computer/laptop?

Like any device, PC/laptop is also old and will need to be replaced in the long run. But when is that?

There is no 1 answer to this question. This depends on a number of situations. My answer to this question is usually, as long as he still does it and can do what you want as a user, you don't have to replace it now.

But, there are reasons to remember to replace the device anyway:

  • An obsolete operating system is on (Windows XP/Vista). Security updates are no longer released and an unsafe situation arises (unless the computer is not connected to the Internet,…..) Yes, an upgrade of the operating system can, but are these costs such an obsolete device worth it?
  • In a company, when the employee (s) have to wait a few minutes a day. time when they cannot perform anything is expensive. Count these minutes together and see when a new device is profitable. Depending on the work, this may be best soon;
  • The device starts to make strange noises. Strange noises are never good. You can check your device first, but you also have to ask yourself if that cost is worth it.
  • Your fellow users (for example, your children) can no longer use their programs properly. Okay, for games and the like, it's not such a big problem. But can they still make their homework good?
  • Your child needs a laptop for school. Maybe you can give your parent copy to your child, and buy yourself a new one?
  • Your peripheral equipment (printers, external drives, monitor,….) can also be a reason. Is your printer piece gone, and are you still running an old operating system? Or, your old video card will no longer work properly after a Windows update because it is no longer supported.

Replacing is not always necessary. Of course it depends what the problem is. Sometimes it is sufficient to Replace the hard disk with an SSD. Of course it also plays again, are these costs still worth it? You can buy an SSD for less than 80 euros, but you have to transfer everything yourself. If you let this happen, you can still get that cost.

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