What is important for gaming? A good CPU or GPU?

You’re looking for a new computer / laptop for gaming. But what is important in the search for this new device? A processor (CPU) or a GPU (video card).

You first will be considered, a good GPU, it handles all graphic details? ….
This is not entirely true. Also, the CPU is important. In certain games even more important than the GPU, because the CPU performs then all calculations of the AI (eg. how a character reacts to a particular event) or the CPU also dos some of the graphics calculations.

You know in advance what games you play and whether they make heavy use of the GPU, CPU or both? Then you can take this into account.
If you don’t know this yet or want to invest in a computer / laptop that can also play other games? Make sure that both the GPU and the CPU are powerful.

Soon, there will be a video where we play some games on at least 3 different devices. Here we look at the CPU and GPU load.
The date of this video is not yet known. There will be purchase first new hardware.

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